Cooley's Reel-The Musical Priest-The Silver Spire

Traditional Medley from Ireland,

played on a SAG'NÉ accordion ( 1,5 Mo )

Here are some musical pieces or clips

played by Yves Hélie, representative

of his style and that will make you travel

from Québec to France and from Cape Breton

to Scotland and Ireland. The pieces and clips are in MP3 format.

Aubade des Oiseaux

Waltz from the Musette repertoire, from France,

composed by Marcel Azzola & Marcel Mouloudji ( 1,7 Mo )

Le Reveil des Oiseaux

Inspired by traditional music, from Québec, (popularized by Jos Bouchard, Lionel Simard & Fortunat Malouin)  ( 1,2 Mo )

Hommage à Omer Dumas

Inspired by traditional music, from Québec

composed by Philippe Bruneau ( 3,5 Mo )

Reel Jim

Inspired by traditional music, from Québec,

composed by: Stéphanie Lépine ( 596 Ko )

Sous le ciel de Paris

From France, (1954) composed by: Hubert Giraud,

( popularized by Édith Piaf ) ( 940 Ko )