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(Sherbrooke, QC  Canada)

You want to know more about me ?

- My career as a musician began early by taking part in numerous public events in Canada, in the United States and in Europe  (including the famous «Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon de Montmagny»).

- Followed many musical entertainments in restaurants, inns or pubs, the organization of several jams sessions uin many places in Québec and the presentation of workshops with an exposition of accordions from yesterday to today.

- Some TV appearences : Mec à dames in 2005, C'est ça la Vie  and  Le Moment de Vérité  in 2010 and Sortir en Estrie in 2011, at Radio-Canada/CBC.  

- My musical biography  features in the reference book from Gabriel Labbé : Musiciens traditionnels du Québec (1996, Éditions VLB).  

- My musical repertoire travels from Québec to France (musette) and from Cape Breton to Scotland and Ireland, and as far as Romania and Bulgaria, etc.

- I'm also a repair technician for accordions and harmoniums for about 20 years now, and my clients are from Canada as much as United States and Europe.

- The extended knowledge I have of the instrument gave me the opportunity to work with «Accordéons Sag'né» for the invention and conception of a new diatonic 15 button accordion.

- I was also invited to join the team of Les accordéons Maugein in France who solicited me as a tuner.


Professional experiences as a musician and a teacher

Québec (and a few other places in Canada)

- Teacher for diatonic accordion (different types of accordions) since 1988.

- Bachelor's degree in Education.

- Teacher for the school Jeunes Musiciens du Monde in Sherbrooke since the opening in 2011.

- Accordion workshops and concerts featured at the Mondial des Cultures de Drummondville and of La Grande Rencontre in Montréal.

- Musical performances and workshops at the Festival des Traditions Écossaises de Gould.

- Camps d'été des Pays d'en-Haut in Québec (accordion workshops and performances during the traditional dance evenings).

- Recurring participation at the Carrefour mondial de l'Accordéon de Montmagny (Québec), as a solo musician, for group concert and workshop host, Québec traditional dance evenings and host for traditional songs and dances for children.

- Camp musical Danse-Neige (accordion workshop and performances for the traditional dance evenings).

- Concert and workshop at the Musée Louis St-Laurent  in Compton.

- Master’s Class given in Canada.

- Studio recording and musical performances with Grégory Charles.

- Participation in the Festival Acadien à l’Ile-du-Prince-Édouard.

- Bal musette during La Fête des Vendanges de Magog.

- Concert and parade entitled De Montmarquette à Philippe Bruneau in Montréal.

- Participation in the Veillées du plateau in Montréal.

- Tours with dance troops and other musicians in Québec, in United States and in Europe, including Dorothée Hogan, Paddy Keenan, Andy Cutting, Gregory Charles and with the group Ménage à Trois with Martine Billette and Stéphanie Lépine, etc.

- Starting of numerous jams sessions in many places in the Eastern Townships.

- Musical arrangements for differents musicians, from Québec and international.

- Musical entertainment  in restaurants, inns and touristic trains. (Pub Caledonia, Auberge Memphrémagog,    - Train touristique Repentigny-Montréal, etc.)

- Some TV appearences : Mec à dames  in 2005, C'est ça la Vie  and  Le Moment de Vérité  in 2010 and Sortir en Estrie in 2011, at Radio-Canada/CBC.

- Production  and direction of 17 radio shows entitled: L'Univers de l'Accordéon.

- Artistic direction and involvement in the production  of various albums of traditional music.

- Organization and artistic direction of shows featured in differents festivals and events (Festival Celtique et Cajun of Montréal, the Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon of Montmagny and La Fête des Vendanges of Magog).


- Master’s Class given in France and Italy.

- Many festivals in Poland organized by the CIOFF with a dance troop.

- Scottish Traditional Festival in Scotland.

- Folkloric festival in Bulgaria.

- World Music Festival in Hungary.

- Festival in Holland organized by the CIOFF with a dance troop.

- Participation at the festival La Découverte de la Musette in Paris.

- Festival d'Accordéon de Chartres in France.

- Participation at Folkworks in England and broadcasted at Radio-Canada and CBC.


- Master’s Class.

- Lake Champlain Festival in Vermont.

- Tour "Les traversées de l'Atlantique" (organized par Portland Performing Arts) in Maine.

- Some accordion concerts on the premises of the Hippodrome of Saratoga Springs in Maine.

- Frequent evenings of traditional dance and music in Portland, Maine.

- Performances of traditional music from Québec in Massachusets.

Reserve in advance to add

a traditional and festive ambience to your event !


(Sherbrooke, QC  Canada)